Choosing a childcare center is one of the most important decisions you can make for your child. Not only does your child need to be cared for physically, but his/her social-emotional and academic needs should be met as well. Below are some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a center.


  • Is there an Administrator/Owner present throughout the day? Do I trust that this person(s) genuinely has my child’s best interest and well-being in mind?
  • Do I feel welcome when I drop off/pick up my child? Am I greeted with a smile and conversation?
  • Do the teachers meet the state of Delaware’s qualification requirements when it comes to education and experience?
  • Is the staff certified in CPR/First Aid? Can they administer medication?
  • How do the staff interact with my child/other children? Do they get down on the children’s level and engage in play and conversation?


Learning Environment

  • Is the center clean, bright, and welcoming?
  • Are there a variety of materials (books, art supplies, puzzles, blocks, etc.) available that encourage my child’s development and learning?
  • Is there consistency for my child? (i.e.  (s)he is with the same teacher(s) each day, there is low staff turnover, there is a classroom schedule/routine followed each day)
  • Do the teachers follow lesson plans? Are the lesson plans available for me to view?
  • Are toys and surfaces (tables, chairs, etc.) cleaned and sanitized throughout the day?
  • What safety measures are in place? (locked entry, authorized pick-up list, evacuation plan, etc.)

Parent Communication/Involvement

  • Are daily sheets filled out and sent home each day so I know what my child did throughout the day?
  • How often are parent-teacher conferences offered?
  • What communication systems/policies are in place regarding child injuries or behaviors?
  • Am I, or other family members, able to call or visit throughout the day if desired?



We know it can be difficult to entrust your child in someone else’s care and it is our promise to you that we will consistently strive to offer you and your child excellent service in a caring, educational environment. We are committed to excellence for your child, to you, and to the community that we serve. 

Tadpole Academy is run by a close-knit, highly involved management team. We strive to be comparable to large, corporate centers when it comes to the quality of education and care offered to our families and the resources offered to our teachers, yet we offer the warmth and flexibility of a privately-owned center.

Why Choose Tadpole Academy?