Leaders (3-5 years)

Our toddlers and beginning preschoolers are encouraged at an early age to learn the self-help, social-emotional, motor, and academic skills needed to succeed both inside and outside of school. Our mixed-age group setting allows the children to benefit from and form peer relationships as well as mentoring relationships with slightly older/younger children.

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Our preschoolers are growing and learning. Through their eyes, they are constantly discovering new things and finding new challenges. Their curiosity is expressed in the things they do, how they think and how they interact with their peers. This is a new phase of exploration for them and they ask many questions. During this time, they are starting to become more self-reliant and independent. We constantly encourage this growth, proper social interaction as well as focus on preparing them to be successful emotionally and academically. Providing access to quality Early Childhood Education will equip our Leaders to be successful when entering Kindergarten.

Leapers 1 & 2 (1-3 years)

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One of the ways we are set apart from other centers in the area is that we offer multi-age grouping. This approach has many benefits including but not limited to: 

  • Your child's transition to a new class is based off of his/her developmental progress, not his/her birth date.
  • Your child will be with his/her teacher for a longer period of time which promotes healthy attachment relationships and allows our teachers to more effectively monitor your child's progress.
  • Multi-age grouping is reflective of the world outside of the classroom. In the home and much later down the road, in the work place, your child will be surrounded by people of differing ages, skills and abilities. Learning how to thrive in such an environment early on will prepare them for success in the real world.

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Our infants are engaged in healthy play, art, and sensory activities throughout the day to enhance their cognitive, social-emotional, and motor skills. While our older Tadpoles are taking their first steps and transitioning to table food, our younger friends are attempting to crawl and reach for things in order to explore their environment.

We believe in offering our infants the least restrictive environment possible. Our infants who cannot yet crawl are given tummy time, moved around the room regularly when they are not being held, and offered books and toys so that they get a variety of experiences even at a young age and do not spend most of their day in a swing or exersaucer.

Tadpoles (6 weeks-1 year)

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Our program promotes an environment where young impressionable minds are learning, exploring, thirsting, and conquering new things daily.  TADPOLE ACADEMY uses The Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold, which are the curriculum and assessment tool recommended by Delaware STARS. The Creative Curriculum encourages students’ curiosity and critical thinking through meaningful routines and experiences, well-planned and meaningful learning centers that allow for child choice and self-directed play, and the implementation of investigative studies. The Creative Curriculum is aligned with the Teaching Strategies Gold assessment tool. Lesson plans/activities are planned and scaffolded based off of the developmental needs and interests of the children, and documentation is routinely collected for the purpose of measuring each child’s growth and for setting goals in the following areas: physical, social-emotional, language/literacy, and cognitive development. Assessments are done on an on-going, quarterly basis through the Teaching Strategies Gold online platform, and documentation is shared with parents twice a year, or as often as requested, through parent-teacher conferences. 

This curriculum plans for activities that daily meet all major developmental domains: language/literacy, social-emotional, cognitive, math, science, and physical (fine & gross motor). We have also incorporated a supplemental curriculum that supports our children in learning and practicing healthy habits.

Programs & Curriculum

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